Comic 106 - Lady Skylark and the Queen's Treasure - Page 100
15th Mar 2014, 12:00 PM in The Queen's Treasure
Lady Skylark and the Queen's Treasure - Page 100
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Author Notes:
Jackie M edit delete
Jackie M
Hmm, what is this, pray tell?

(Also, page 100! Oh mah gash!)

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User comments:
Grindzycat (Guest) edit delete reply
Huh... I expected Skylark to try and win him over before the captain got down there, but she seems genuinely confused... Suspense! :D

Oh, and yay on page 100 o3o
Jemelis edit delete reply
Enjoying the comic and the vast amounts of work you must put into it. Thing about web comics is that one generally doesn't get paid--so I will leave a comment at least. ;)
I like the colors you choose, it's very warm and vibrant without being loud. I also like how the characters have a range of personality and how our heroine(?) is a bit snarky but oh-so lovely. Looking forward to seeing how the story plays out. This is one of the two comics I have fav'd here. It is a good quality viewing and read.